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As the environment sbushnika took possession of the property of the Ministry of defense

The worker environment, enforcement structures of the seized property of the Ministry of defense – this story could be one of hundreds. However, it is not like the others because it has unexpected sequel – the judge who was forced to return the property to the state, the same sbushnik three times, “taking bribes”.
Dry legal language the beginning of the story described in this Ordinance. Too lazy to go the link, here’s what happened.
In Kiev, in front of the Institute of journalism, on Melnikova street was formerly a military town. In the 2000s, building a military camp took on balance of GP MOU “Ukroboronpostach”. 2005 year GP entered into a joint venture agreement with the Kharkov firm “Cordelia”. Agencies should work together to create engineering services, technical facilities, and to reconstruct a part of non-residential buildings of the military town. Contribution of the Ministry building, and the contribution of the private firm – the money for the construction. What should be the output – from the court documents is not clear, but it is clear what the outcome: a private company listed GP 8,2 million UAH, and then on the basis of a court decision in 2008 became the owner of part of the cantonment of non-residential building at the address: Melnikova, 81в area of 1380, 9 sq. m.

A few months after the trial, “Cordele” “dumping” of building another company – OOO “international centre of innovative technologies” . Director last checked Nicholas Highlander – father senior officer of the Department of BCOZ SBU Arthur Highlander.

2011 mother sbushnika Arthur Highlander Helen Bitterling on behalf of OOO “international centre of innovative technologies” have sold this property of OOO “Vivat”.The firm is also no stranger Grcica. First, co-owners of a house in a town South of the Kharkiv region, where the registered firm, registered parents sbushnika Highlander. Second, the founder of the “Viva” and his representative in the courts of Kharkov was a lawyer Alexey Romanchenko. Whose wife, Natalia Romanchenko, sovladet in Kupyansk with sbushnik Arthur Highlander.

Enjoy the purchase the new owners did not – the case in 2012 became interested in the military Prosecutor’s office, which stated that “the above actions are aimed at concealing the illegal sale of military property, which is contrary to the interests of the state in the face of the defense”. The Prosecutor told the court that “the exclusion of non-residential premises occurred without the consent of the state property Fund and without authorization of the Ministry of defense.” The judge of the commercial court of Kyiv Alla Prygunov had the temerity to agree with the Prosecutor’s office and its decision to summon from illegal possession of “Viva” property for Melnikov. This decision upheld the revocation, and 2016, the Ministry of defense even registered a title on this property.

Here it is necessary to clarify something about the Economic court of Kiev. This was one of the “fat” places where things are resolved in the millions, and sometimes billions. Alla Prygunov since 2004 worked as the assistant to the Chairman of the court Vasily Saranya. In 2008, for introducing Saranac she became a judge. 2011 when Yanukovych strengthened his position and became Chairman of the Economic court of Donetsk judge Arthur Emelyanov, Prygunov remained “a man Saranac”, though, as they say on the sidelines, sometimes found with Emelyanov a common language. 2012 Emelyanov went to the court of appeal, and then even became the Deputy Chairman of the SECU, and already firmly entrenched the phrase “Donetsk train” when Yemelyanov or negotiators took orders from clients on final decision of the court and ensured a quick and painless passage from the first to the last instance. With Prygunova say, it does not always work, so it got slippery from all points of view of the case.

Closer to the Maidan Alla Prygunova Arthur Emelyanov has been a personal conflict.After which Prygunov openly announced intervention in the automatic document Economic court. GPU after this statement had to open criminal proceedings which grew into a giant business Tatkova-Yemelyanov, the appellant and the victim which is Prygunov, and testimony regarding intervention in the system, in particular, and the Economic court for 2011-2014 gave four more colleagues of the judge. However, visible movement in the case, and Emelyanov even flies freely in Austria, pre-scramble the permissions for such flights.

This activity Prygunova did not go unnoticed. And very soon the judge, who spoke against corruption in the judiciary, Alla Prygunov became the first judge that after the Maidan was caught on a bribe. The Security service, through its “agents” seem to have exposed a judge on three episodes. One is not recorded that Prygunov personally took a bribe. But now the investigation claims that required or demanded on its behalf. $ 500 $ even bullseye found in the apartment Prygunova for lack of the most judges, although, as she says the judge, the video recording was not conducted.

And here are three things that are a bit confusing. First, the so-called case Prygunova similar to a banal settling of accounts – not only representatives of the judicial system with the judge who said that the system is sick. And sbushnika, whose family, the judge refused, deprived of a tidbit in Kiev. Because the monitoring Commission of the offence in cases Prygunova engaged, who do you think? Sbushnik Arthur Bitterling. From his statements, management depended on the materials of the case Prygunova, which then the GPU was introduced in court.

Second, all three so-called cases Prygunova bribe taking-given in the period when Prygunov already had a conflict with Emelyanov and announced his intervention in the distribution system. I think it should be a real judge of the samurai, to speak out against one of the most influential judges of Ukraine Emelyanova and substituted, not once, not twice, but three times.

Third: Alla Prygunov – law wife of Ukrainian businessman Volodymyr zinevych, so perhaps not least of all the judges Gopsu Kiev requires bribes. As she lives a bit shows that such an episode. Prygunov was summoned for questioning to the investigator in the GPU. And in the interrogation he said now it is on the basis of court orders, search and seize the money and jewelry. Because they may be relevant to the case. Therefore, in Prygunova seized encrusted jewelry watch “Ulis Nardin”, earrings white gold “Tiffany” earrings of gold with green stones “Zarina” that the judge bore in the fixation cross from white gold “Chopard” Iphone6 and Iphone5, 1200 dollars and 3 thousand hryvnias .

In General, the judicial system is a web of vertical and horizontal linkages, from the existence of the agreements and the implementation of its laws depends on the load, and the categories of cases considered by the judge, and career growth, and even the consideration of disciplinary complaints against the judge. What a journalist can fail to see or ignore, and something may be just an accident. So in this story I do not claim to truth. Just connecting the fact that sbushnik “caught” the judge bribes. But before that a judge has deprived his family of a steep real estate in Kiev.

However, it may be a trivial coincidence. Like, for instance: after the case Prygunova mother of Arthur Hillman became co-owner of the 85-meter apartment in the capital “Herzen Park”.

Information taken from: http://nashigroshi.org/2017/12/22/yak-otochennya-sbushnyka-zavolodilo-neruhomistyu-minoborony/