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Castling in the SBU. Who are Malikov, Ostafiychuk and Frolov

During the scandal surrounding the resignation of the head of the SBU in the department followed the appointments. In the biographies of the new leadership – work in the Crimean militia during the “Russian Spring”, millions of declarations and place in the lustration lists
June 23 President of Petro Poroshenko decree of the new deputy head of the SBU has been assigned. Media space is instantly spread information on the new appointees, mostly in a negative way. NV to collect and systematize information about them and found out that even the public part of it raises many questions.
Vitaly Malikov, has been appointed Deputy Head of the Security Service of Ukraine – the head of the Antiterrorist Center at the Security Service of Ukraine
In the past, – the deputy of the Sevastopol City Council, a member of the People’s Party Volodymyr Lytvyn.
Malikov was the head of the Sevastopol police during the reign of Leonid Kuchma, when the Ukrainian militia led by the odious minister Bilokon, who escaped after the Orange Revolution in Russia.
“In this position he appointed Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Bilokon, which, according to reliable information, have family ties”, – writes about his then appointment of the official website of the current head of the Luhansk Regional State Administration Gennady Moskal.
After Yushchenko’s victory in the presidential election Malikov leaving the Ministry of Interior in commercial structures. In particular, it becomes deputy head of the Crimean Republican Directorate of Bank Aval.
HB interlocutors working in Sevastopol executive to the annexation of the Crimea, claimed that Malik had and the business interests of the city in a number of commercial enterprises. The same information is voiced and the aforementioned website Moskal, who writes that “Malikov in Sevastopol there is a big business.”
At the beginning of the annexation of the Crimea Malikov he continues to sit on the city council. In particular, he was one of those who voted for Viktor Yanukovych appeal to the Sevastopol City Council January 28, 2014. In this appeal, in particular, local MPs demanded from Yanukovych to make “all the power and capabilities of the state to prevent the rampant extremism and lawlessness in the country.” The signatories call handling extremist actions of the opposition in Kiev, as well as demand from the US and the European Union not to interfere in the internal affairs of Ukraine.
“We once again call on the EU and US diplomats with an appeal not to interfere in the internal affairs of Ukraine, soberly and carefully evaluate the actions of the extremist opposition groups fighting the so-called self-defense”, – reads the statement.

Very revealing looks and what Malikov also called for the creation of so-called national teams, which have become the basis for resource antimaydana and “Russian Spring” in the Crimea. It is because of these “national teams” were formed in Sevastopol and the Crimea’s pro-Russian supporters of the occupation of the Crimea, blocked the Ukrainian military units, government agencies, and major thoroughfares of the peninsula.
“We appeal to the people of the city with a request, in accordance with the Law of Ukraine №22.06.2000, № 1835-III« On the participation of citizens in the protection of public order and the state border “, to create militias. We can not allow a specially trained and armed militants “Right sector” and other pro-fascist and extremist organizations have penetrated into our city and dictate their conditions. Ensure the reliability of the defense of Sevastopol. Extremism, lawlessness, banditry in the hero-city do not pass “- a quote from the relevant application.
Here is what NV on condition of anonymity, one of the then Ukrainian employees of police of that period: “Sevastopol” Berkut “took the weapon from the Munitions and dumped on Chongar, but the rest of the city police waited. Everyone wanted at least some action from Kiev. We can not say that people were loyal to the new government, but its orders, they were forced to perform poorly, but to fulfill. But intelligible orders no one has given. ”
Oleg Frolov, was appointed deputy head of the SBU
Frolov working in the security services since 1993.
From 2007 to 2010 he was deputy head of the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine.
In 2011, under President Yanukovych, he was appointed first deputy head of the State Service of Ukraine on protection of personal data.

The information was taken from: http://antikor.com.ua/articles/48498-rokirovki_v_sbu._kto_takie_malikov_ostafijchuk_i_frolov