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"Central Anticorruption Committee"


Thanks to electronic declaration, the society learned about the state of almost all law enforcement agencies. Their property was forced to show prosecutors, police chiefs and even judges with customs officers. The only law enforcement agency that has achieved the right not to publish electronic declarations is the Security Service of Ukraine. The SBU leadership announced information about the status of its employees with state secret, the disclosure of which could cause irreparable harm to them. And with this you can not argue. Indeed, given the scale of corruption scandals that employees of this department fall into, the motive for hiding the property from them is obvious. Especially when it comes to the first deputy head of the SBU, who heads the Main Directorate for Combating Corruption and Organized Crime. About this in more detail – in the investigation of Eugenia Motorsko.

The film crew “Slidstva.Info” since the morning lies in wait in the elite area of ​​the suburbs of Kiev. From the courtyard of one of the houses there is a luxury SUV Range Rover, behind the wheel of which is a woman. And after 20 minutes from the gate of the same estate a man appears in which our film crew will recognize the first deputy chairman of the SBU, Pavel Demchin.

– Tell me, please, is this your home?
– No
– And what are you doing there?
“I visit him periodically,” the minister explains.
People’s deputy Sergei Leshchenko the activity of the first deputy chairman of the SBU Demchin has been investigating for a long time.
“He is, in fact, in charge of the Security Service of Ukraine, especially the whole direction connected with the business redistribution,” says the MP.

In the media, the 40-year-old Major-General Demchin is called close to the presidential favorite Igor Kononenko and “looking” for the SBU from the party of power. Responsible for the Security Service for combating bribery, he himself became a figurant of numerous corruption scandals.
“It was connected with the nut mafia, which, you know, by the forces of the SBU blocks the Ukrainian walnut, which is exported to Europe, and certain” kickbacks “are required for this,” adds Sergei Leshchenko.
And at the end of 2016, serious passions flared up in the market of liquefied gas. In November, the SBU suspected of financing of terrorism 2 companies that import raw materials to Ukraine, and on this basis blocked the work of just 16 traders of liquefied gas.

“We throughout the period did not understand what was happening. The Security Service did not inform us, all the correspondence that we had with them resulted in the fact that an investigation is under way, we do not disclose the information, “explains the executive director of the Ukrainian Liquefied Petroleum Association Oleg Shirokov.
Without having an official explanation from the SBU about the reasons for blocking key market players, the Ukrainian Liquefied Petroleum Association simultaneously recorded an extremely suspicious situation at customs.

“It’s abnormal when one company, its resource, stands on the border, and past the carriages of another company, they cross the border unhindered, within a few hours they are cleared and so on. Naturally, no one will tolerate this, “Oleg Shirokov said.
People’s Deputy Sergei Leshchenko, to whom businessmen turned for help, conducted his research. Says the SBU thus tried to clean up the market for individual firms. A letter to the Ministry of Economic Development with the demand to impose sanctions on the largest importers was signed personally by the first deputy head of the SBU.
“This is a performance from the SBU, signed personally by Pavel Demchin, he personally controlled the entire process,” – says Sergei Leshchenko and in support of his words shows us the document.

Attention “Slidstva.Info” attracted the paper declaration of Mr. Demchin in 2015, according to which he leads not only a modest, but even ascetic way of life. A major general has neither his own corner, nor a car, nor savings. So, as of 2015, the official officially resided in the SBU departmental hostel.
But despite the very small official incomes of Pavel Demchin himself, a mother of three children, Major-General, some 35-year-old Olga Volovchuk, is living a really comfortable life. She is the owner of elite cars and lives in a luxurious country estate. According to “Slidstva.Info”, Olga Viktorovna is a civil wife of our hero, whom he has carefully hidden from the public for at least five years.
Mrs. Olga has a pretty decent car park. Range Rover 2016 worth about $ 100,000, Mercedes-Benz in 2016, the price of which also draws no less than $ 100,000, the Mazda 2014 and the modest Peugeot 2012 release.

The group “Slidstva.Info” for several days in a row was waiting for a rich house in Petropavlovskaya Borshchagovka, an area of elite estates and respected residents. At 9 o’clock in the morning from the courtyard of one of these houses the already familiar white Range Rover, which belongs to Olga Volovchuk, left. On this auto-number signs of the Rivne region. We paid attention to this fact, since both Ms. Volovchuk and Pavel Demchin are both from the Rivne region.

On the territory of the estate, from which out-rope Olga Volovchuk left, besides a large two-story house, there is also an economic building, an indoor swimming pool and a gazebo. For such objects in the area until asking for 10,000,000 hryvnia. It is interesting that the house does not even appear in the public real estate registry. It is almost impossible to officially establish its owner. However, to confirm that the family of Pavel Demchin lives exactly in this estate, our editorial office was helped by the niece of Olga Volovchuk. A girl named Julia studies in Kiev and lives in a hostel. However, on her pages in social networks there are a lot of photos made in the estate from which the mother of the children, Pavel Demchin, left on the Range Rover.

Almost immediately after the departure of Olga Volovchuk, a man comes out of the gate and walks slowly to the other side of the street to the car with the driver. In this respectable man our film crew recognized the first deputy chairman of the SBU, Pavel Demchin. We ask the clerk about who owns the luxurious mansion.
– Mister Pavel, good afternoon! We are journalists of the Public Television. Please tell me, is this your home?
– And what are you doing there?
– I visit him periodically.
– And who exactly do you visit there?
– Children.
By the way, it was through the efforts of Pavel Demchin that the former head of the Odessa customs Yulia Marushevsky was checked for a 500-hryvnia holiday prize. When it comes to the considerable income of his family, Pavel Demchin begins to noticeably worry.
“This house you visit, whose is he?”
“This house … my children live there, let’s just say …”
– The one who lives with them, for what means did he acquire it?
– And I can not tell you this.
– Why?
“Well, because I do not know, it was a man when we got acquainted.”
“Well, this is the mother of your children!” Do you know what means she bought the house for?
– Write a request, I’ll look. All I know, I’ll tell you …
As explained “Slidstvo.Info”, Olga Volovchuk also owns a land plot, located near their family estate in Petropavlovskaya Borshchagovka. It is actively building, probably, another house.

Officially Olga Volovchuk still spelled out in the apartment of his parents in Rivne. There it is a registered company specializing in the trade of pharmaceuticals. Our crew went to town Varash to witness the business lady Olga. However, it could not be found. Joined in the same apartment his father, this firm does not conduct activity. Meanwhile, neighbors of parents know about successful family life Olga.
“Olga was there somewhere living near Kyiv, she has three children. Here they rarely get. Kids are small, Olin mother goes back to help hlyadity “- told us neighbors.
After a rapid career rise Demchyna Paul greatly improved the living conditions of his parents. Yes, Mother General, pensioner Nina Demchyna, over the last few years has been the owner of the two-bedroom apartment in a new building in Rivne and 170 square meters in the suburbs of the regional center.

“Slidstvo.Info” sent a request to the SBU deputy chairman Pavel Demchin with a request to explain the origin of the state of his family. After all, there were no official sources of income that would allow us to buy elite cars and real estate, neither the general nor his mother could find us. However, at the time of the release of the program, we did not receive an answer to our request from the Security Service. Even more, activists involved in anti-corruption activities say this can not be counted on. After all, the electronic declarations of the SBU leaders are not available to the general public. Activists began to sue the Security Service to force it to publish electronic declarations, as did other security and defense structures.

“In 2016 they (SBU.- Evgenia Motorevska) again use this norm and hide once again their condition. I emphasize that the leadership of the SBU does not fall under the provisions and their declarations can not be hidden from the public. This may result from the closure of other declarations. With the SBU can take the example of the leadership of the Defense Ministry, the leadership of the General Staff, for example, the Minister of Internal Affairs “, – warns the head of the anti-corruption group” reanimation package of reforms “Alexander Lemenov.

Meanwhile, because of the actions of the Security Service of Ukraine, companies importing liquefied gas suffered losses of several tens of millions of hryvnia. After a public scandal, the sanctions were removed from the firms. However, there is no certainty that there is still no point in this matter.

“So far, we are saying that the situation is tense, it is so, in a suspended state, we have no information what is going on, what will happen next,” complains the executive director of the Ukrainian Liquefied Petroleum Association Oleg Shirokov.

Numerous attempts of the siloviki to press the business can only be stopped by public publicity. However, while special services remain in the hands of politicians as a tool for solving their own problems, such attacks will continue in the future. Moreover, when the performers of ingenious schemes are also well motivated and can calmly collect considerable incomes under the guise of state secrets.

The information was taken from: https://www.slidstvo.info/investigations/demchyna-z-inshoho-zhyttya/