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"Central Anticorruption Committee"

Fighting corruption: an official of the city council of Kherson found a stash of 3 million hryvnia

During the searches in the house, an official of the Kherson city council found three million hryvnia.

This was reported by the press service of the regional prosecutor’s office.

The searches were conducted within the framework of the pre-trial investigation of criminal proceedings on the fact of embezzlement of property by abuse of their official position, as well as the performance of official forgery.

The official in question supervised the performance of the work of the contractor organization, compiled and entered information into acts of acceptance and transfer of works performed based on the results of capital repairs of one of the communal property objects that is on the balance sheet of the said administration.

During searches in the house of the official, the amount of money equivalent to UAH 3 million was found.

Now the investigation will establish the origin of these funds and the legality of their receipt.


Preliminary legal qualification of the crimes committed: Part 1 of Article 366 (service forgery), Part 2 Art.191 (misappropriation, embezzlement of property or possession by abuse of official position) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Information taken from:  http://www.trust.ua/news/143073-borba-s-korrupciej-u-cinovnika-gorsoveta-hersona-najdena-zanacka-v-3-mln-griven.html