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"Central Anticorruption Committee"

GPU hitting the State Border Service of Ukraine

State Border Service of Ukraine commented on recent searches at its administration office, noting that the attempts to block the border organization and management system is unacceptable.

It is mentioned in the corresponding statement of the State Border Service of Ukraine press centre.

“Some leaders of the Military Prosecutor’s Office with obscure motives tried to move the question of criminal proceedings of a local level on the scale of the administration again yesterday, while trying to raise the conflict between the State Border Service and National Police by organizing the show for Russian television in the centre of Kyiv.  Who, against whom and why will be dragged into this conflict tomorrow? …

Only the statist position of the State Border Service management − not to respond to provocations − has allowed to avoid the banal collision and tragic consequences,” is said in the statement.

The SBSU noted that these attempts to discredit the office administration have a systemic character.

“This is what we saw when one of the military prosecutors in Transcarpathia with his subordinate in his private car (by the way, an expensive one), rather than to look for all the participants of criminal corruption schemes of illegal deforestation, took the filming set of one of the TV channels along the border and passed other operational information to the third parties, while military prosecutors introduce data on actual legal actions of border guards on the implementation in the “Hrushiv” checkpoint of the instruction by one of the law enforcement agencies regarding the citizen of Ukraine to the Unified Register of Pretrial Investigation; while, in violation of all norms, even before the start of the proceedings, the investigators of military prosecutor’s office provide access to the regime facility to the employees of the same TV channel (it is clearly visible on the video which was published by the State Border Service yesterday)”, is stressed by the SBSU.

The department noted that there are many problems, but it is necessary to act jointly in the interests of the people of Ukraine, and not someone’s personal ones.

The press center also stated that, in order to establish the truth concerning the illegal deforestation in Transcarpathia, it is necessary to work in Transcarpathia and also define the involved individuals from other institutions and agencies, which definitely exist. The State Border Service has demonstrated it is open for investigation and cooperation.

Based on the SBSU’s date, suspicion was declared to 4 servicemen of the Chop detachment. Materials were also passed to the Prosecutor’s General Office of Ukraine that serve as the evidence of other episodes of the case with the possible signs of criminal acts.

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