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“It’s time to equate to the state change the word“ powder ”. The social networks reacted to the list of“ enemy words ”from the SBU

In Ukraine, the pressure on the media that criticize the government continues. Before the scandal with “agent Pushkin” who recruited the journalist “Strany”, the SBU decided to arrange a test of the TV channel NewsOne.

Claims of special services have no precedents and are more similar to straightforward political censorship – from the value judgments that allegedly sounded on the air, they sew the channel almost as a rule of state.

This is the first case in the history of Ukraine of the SBU attack on one of the central TV channels on the “wrong coverage” of certain issues. It is alleged that NewsOne is spreading the “cliché of Russian propaganda.”

Both the management of the channel and journalists from other Ukrainian media responded to the check.

Why attack NewsOne
The reason for the check in the SBU was called “the systematic use of the cliché of Russian propaganda … in the context of inspiring destructive attitudes in Ukrainian society and the formation of a distorted opinion about events in Ukraine.”

The definition of the “cliché of Russian propaganda” includes such statements as “the party of war”, “the party of peace” and “Russia defends its interests.” Also in the Security Service of Ukraine, the phrase “fratricidal war”, “the mechanism of Orthodoxy split” and “the world does not recognize Russia as the aggressor” were noticed on the air of the channel. But where and when such statements were made, the letter of the SBU is not indicated.

In addition, the SBU claims that the presenters of the TV channel Ruslan Kotsaba, Vyacheslav Pikhovshek and Yevgeny Chervonenko admit statements that “contain signs of a hidden call for aggressive actions and programming aggressive behavior of viewers.” And here specific phrases are not given.

The attack on NewsOne has not stopped since this channel began broadcasting Mikhail Saakashvili’s shares in the fall of 2017. The second round occurred after the words of the owner of the channel, Evgeny Murayev, about a “coup in Ukraine” – then the media building was besieged by the nationalists Dmitry Korchinsky.

And recently, after the transfer of NewsOne to the office of a lawyer and former deputy head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine Andrei Portnov, attacks on the channel began again. In all cases, the National Broadcasting Council has played a central role. And on the TV channel they say that they want to take away the license from the decision of the National Security Council.

However, it was not without direct physical violence: the other day, under the walls of the Prosecutor General’s Office, the nationalist Elena Slusar hit NewsOne journalist Darya Beeler, who was on the air. The police for a long time did not want to initiate a criminal case, and Korchinskiy threatened Daria with the massacre of the nationalists if Slyusar was imprisoned.

“How to learn to be so stupid?”
In social networks have already begun to discuss the initiative of the SBU. In particular, Andrei Portnov himself commented on the situation: “The SBU approved a list of words and phrases that can no longer be used. It’s just interesting from an anthropological point of view, but how do you yourself think how you look, what do people say about you and with whom you need to compare? Share your experience, where to gain skills to learn how to be so stupid. ”

Igor Guzhva, the editor-in-chief of the “Country”, offered more variants of expressions that the SBU might prohibit

The SBU decided to set another test of the National Council on NewsOne about the “systematic use of the Russian propaganda cliché … in the context of inspiring destructive attitudes in Ukrainian society and forming a distorted opinion about events in Ukraine.” To such “clichés” Chekists attributed the use of the expressions “party of war” and “party of peace.” And something tells us that this is not the last peak of the “unprecedented freedom of speech” that our country will achieve. After all, there are still a lot of harmful words and expressions for which one could solder article 111 of the Criminal Code (state change). For example: – powder, – the owner of the Lipetsk factory (applied to Poroshenko), – Minister of Economy in the government of Azarov (applied to Poroshenko), – other, other, other … ”

Journalist Denis Ivanesko: “The Security Service of Ukraine has introduced censorship for 7 phrases, the use of which in the air can bring on the national party. Is the investigation off-the-air?”

Information taken from: https://strana.ua/news/163603-proverka-kanala-newsone-sbu-reaktsija-seti.html