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Journalists found in the US elite real estate deputy chairman of the MPC: impressive amounts

Journalists told how the family of the deputy chairman of the qualification and disciplinary commission of prosecutors Viktor Shemchuk received elite property in the US worth about $ 550,000.

This is reported by the program “Schemes” (a joint project of Radio Liberty and TV channel UA: First).

According to the investigation of the “American Dream” of the prosecutor’s supervisor, “in 2010, the niece Viktor Shemchuk – at that time the 21-year-old student Alina Luba took over the ownership of the penthouse in the American city of Aventura (Florida) in the Mystic Pointe complex. complex with a total area of ​​128 square meters and a panoramic view of the ocean was purchased for 325 000 dollars.

Mystic Pointe residential complex


According to journalists, received from sources in the Ministry of Justice, almost immediately after the purchase of this penthouse Alina Lyuba issued a power of attorney to dispose of all of his property himself Viktor Shemchuk. And not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. This power of attorney is still valid.

Penthouse, which was purchased by the niece Viktor Shemchuk Alina Luba

According to the historical data of the official American register, for six months, in March 2011, Viktor Shemchuk himself purchased real estate in the same city of Aventura (Florida) – a kilometer away from the housing designed for his niece. This apartment has an area of 120 square meters in the complex Alaqua Condominium on the Atlantic coast.

Residential complex Alaqua Condominium


The purchase price was $ 219,000.


However, in two years the apartment was left out of its property under strange circumstances – the deal was only $ 2,000, which is more like a gift.” The new owner is an American, she did not communicate with journalists,

– said in the investigation of “Circuits”.

Real Estate in Alaqua Condominium Shamuk sold for only $ 2,000


Journalists compared signatures in official American documents when buying and selling an apartment with a signature that uses Shemchuk on official Ukrainian documents.

Signatures of Victor Shemchuk


City Aventura, in which in 2010-2011 the family Shemchuk purchased a property for half a million, located 30 kilometers from Miami, in the coastal strip. Alina Luba remains the owner of the penthouse in Mystic Pointe and to this day.


“Schemes” compared the facts of the biography of Viktor Shemchuk and his niece. Now the lawyer Alina Luba previously trainee in the Simferopol Prosecutor’s Office, where Shemchuk worked, as well as in the Verkhovna Rada Committee, to which Shemchuk was a People’s Deputy. In addition, Alina Lyuba was one of the founders of the Federation of water-powered sports, headed by her uncle Viktor Shemchuk.

Alina, Lyuba and Viktor Shemchuk have close family relations


In a telephone conversation, the niece of the MPC member refused to answer the question about the origin of funds for the purchase of property issued for her.


Journalists asked Shmuchuk himself on the sidelines during the meeting of the MPC, but he also avoided the answers, accusing journalists of provocations. Subsequently, he did not answer phone calls and written questions.

Viktor Shemchuk


Lawyers explain that such a scheme for acquiring real estate – when property is registered with relatives who do not need to be indicated in the declaration – is quite common among Ukrainian officials.


Viktor Shemchuk has been working in state bodies since 1994. He started with an intern and assistant prosecutor in the prosecutor’s office of Ternopil and came to the post of Acting Attorney General of Ukraine under the presidency of Viktor Yushchenko. He was also a people’s deputy, a member of the “OU-PSD Bloc” faction, and during the time of Viktor Yanukovich, he headed the Lviv region for almost six months. Now, under Petro Poroshenko, he is the deputy chairman of the qualification and disciplinary commission of prosecutors.


This commission evaluates the professionalism of those who want to work in the prosecutor’s office, and in case of violations in the work it determines disciplinary responsibility, translates and dismisses prosecutors from office.


According to the “Schemes” from the authorities of the DFS, from 2013 to 2017, Viktor Shemchuk’s official revenues amounted to less than 2 million hryvnia. His wife Natalya during this time, almost no income, and the company in which she appears in the founders, too, did not show revenue.



The information is taken from: https://24tv.ua/zhurnalisti_viyavili_u_ssha_elitnu_neruhomist_zastupnika_golovi_kdkp_vrazhayuchi_sumi_n1009262