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Prosecutor of the GPU detained for extortion $ 200,000 bribes – Lutsenko

The prosecutor of the Prosecutor General’s Office and the lawyer was detained for extorting bribes from an entrepreneur, said Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko.

As the Prosecutor General noted, both demanded “money in the amount of $ 200,000 for the closure of criminal proceedings and the lifting of the seizure of seized property.”

“During my management of the GPU, this is the 18th prosecutor, whom we take as part of the cleaning of the system. Cases of 10 bribes – already in the courts, “- added Lutsenko.

The press secretary of the Prosecutor General said that the prosecutor and the lawyer were detained while receiving the second part of the bribe.

Information taken from: https://hromadske.ua/posts/prokurora-hpu-zatrymaly-za-vymahannia-200-tysiach-khabara-lutsenko