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Stop the attacks of the far right and stop total Ukrainization. What is actually said in the resolution of the European Parliament

The European Parliament adopted a resolution in which it was quite negative about Ukraine’s reforms and prospects for peace in the Donbas

In Ukraine, only two points of this document were noted – the condemnation of Russia for the Kerch incident and the call to stop the construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline. However, there are no less interesting things there.

“Country” highlights the main points of the resolution, which relate to the internal problems of Ukraine.

“Rising prices, reduced benefits.” Overall assessment of reforms
Among the topics that are indicated in the resolution, but left behind the frame of public attention, these are rather tough assessments of the internal situation in Ukraine.

So, noting the very fact of the reforms – in medicine, education, pensions, the economy – the deputies of the EP consider their consequences sad.

“These reforms, unfortunately, were accompanied by a sharp rise in prices, a reduction in social benefits and a deterioration in access to social security systems,” the resolution says. “Citizens do not yet achieve a significant improvement in living conditions,” adds one of the speakers, Mikael Galer.

In general, in Ukraine, the findings are disappointing.

Noting successes on the path to European integration, deputies noted the disappointment of people in the deterioration of social conditions, uncertainty about the future, dissatisfaction with reforms, the power of oligarchs and constant corruption.

“A significant part of the population is not satisfied with the general development of the country,” the resolution says. At the same time, it is noted that in recent times more pro-European reforms have been done than during the entire time of Ukraine’s independence.

Such a link sounds rather contradictory: if there are so many pro-European reforms, then why does the standard of living of the population, as recognized in the European Parliament itself, fall?

It is also noted that more than 5 million Ukrainians in recent years have left for Russia and Poland, both for a long time and for seasonal work.

“Nakat” on Lutsenko
Dissatisfied in the European Parliament and the progress of the fight against corruption. “The existing judicial system is still ineffective, corrupt and politically dependent,” said the European deputies.

The intervention of the central authorities in the work of anti-corruption bodies is especially noted. “There is a problem with the intervention of the prosecutor general and attempts to undermine the anti-corruption legal framework,” deputies have fallen for Yuriy Lutsenko.

Moreover, the European Parliament called for “an effective investigation of corruption charges against the prosecutor general regarding the termination of the NABU investigations.”

Attacks on civil society
The resolution of the European Parliament mentions attacks on journalists, LBHT activists and Roma, which Ukraine is famous for. The document “strongly condemns the growing number of physical attacks on civil rights activists and journalists.”

The document claims that the number of criminal cases filed against journalists that have revealed cases of corruption or criticized the government is growing in Ukraine, as well as its policies towards Eastern Ukraine.

In this sense, the position of MEPs on the martial law in the country is indicative. The EP fixes the “wisdom” of the Verkhovna Rada, which has found a balance between martial law and respect for civil liberties.

From which it follows that Europe as a whole is against the policy of “tightening the screws” in Ukraine – especially before the presidential elections.

A separate point of violation of the rights of civil activists mentioned the extradition to Turkey of activists associated with Fethullah Gülen – a preacher, the opposition authorities of Erdogan. Strana has already told how the SBU secretly extradites journalists and activists to Ankara.

Lawlessness of the far right breaks the world in the Donbas
The European Parliament notes with concern that so far the government has not disarmed the units of the “Right Sector” and other extremist groups.

The resolution “urges the government to end the atmosphere of impunity for violent attacks by armed radicals against minorities and dissidents”.

MEPs also condemned the policy of intimidating judges or influencing elections by radical groups. They also demanded “consistent prosecution of perpetrators of such criminal acts”.

Outraged Europe and the “National Manifesto”, recently adopted by the Svoboda Party, the Right Sector and other right-wing groups. According to European deputies, they oppose Ukraine’s European integration and call for “new geopolitical approaches in relations with the West and the East.”

The European Parliament concludes that the government’s policy regarding the radicals threatens relations between Ukraine and the EU and undermines overcoming political differences in the country. And also disrupts the settlement in the Donbas.

Elections 2019
Europe urges Ukraine to quickly adopt a new electoral code (we recall, it has already been adopted on first reading and provides for the abandonment of the majority system).

MEPs also require the law on transparent party financing.

The EP calls on the government to take action on the eve of the elections – in order to prevent manipulations “by concentrating political, economic and media power in the hands of several individuals.”

Minority language and rights
The European Parliament recalled that the Ukrainian government pledged to change the constitution in accordance with the recommendations of the Venice Commission – including respect for the existing minority rights. Recall that we are talking primarily about the language rights of people.

In this regard, MEPs called for not restricting media in minority languages ​​- so that citizens of all nationalities can have equal access to information.

This was a response to the Ukrainization laws, which are now being considered by the Verkhovna Rada: they are threatened with the closure of all Russian-language publications in Ukraine.

In addition, the European Parliament demanded to change the law on education – by changing the scandalous language article and extending the transition period to 2023 and freeing private schools from language requirements.

Ukraine is also required to go on a dialogue with representatives of national minorities on the law on education.

Summary of the resolution on Ukraine
A summary of the 12-page resolution on Ukraine was published yesterday on the website of the European Parliament. It is interesting from the point of view of accents on which the European Parliament itself focuses.

We give its full text:

“On Wednesday, members of the European Parliament recognized the positive course of reforms in Ukraine, condemning Russia’s aggression in the Kerch Strait and the construction of the Nord Stream 2.”

Parliament adopted the resolution by 433 votes to 105, with 30 abstentions, assessing the recent events related to the Ukraine-EU association agreement, which entered into force in 2017.

Progress of reforms in major sectors

Deputies emphasize that Ukraine has been reformed in such areas as energy, health, pensions, education, government and decentralization, as well as in the sphere of defense and security, banking and macroeconomic stabilization. However, these reforms, unfortunately, were accompanied by a sharp rise in prices, a reduction in social benefits and a deterioration in access to social security systems.

Stop Nord Stream 2

MEPs praise Ukraine for good cooperation in the energy sector and its achievements in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy, pointing out the need to continue reforms, especially in the gas and electricity market. Since Ukraine plays a crucial role in the European energy network, members of the European Parliament condemn the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which bypasses Ukraine, “because it is a political project that poses a threat to European energy security.” In this regard, they are calling for its abolition.

Fight against corruption and oligarchs

The resolution emphasizes that Ukraine should give priority to the fight against corruption, solve problems with the power of oligarchs and continue decentralization reforms. MEPs expressed regret that the existing judicial system remains ineffective, corrupt and politically dependent, while supporting ongoing efforts to resolve this problem. The text states that judges and prosecutors should be selected in a more transparent and highly reliable manner.

Call for Russia to guarantee freedom of navigation in the Kerch Strait

MEPs strongly condemn the recent Russian aggression against Ukraine on November 25 in the Kerch Strait and demand the immediate and unconditional release of all Ukrainian ships and sailors. They are seriously concerned that tensions may constitute a creeping attempt to annex the sovereign rights of Ukraine to the Sea of ​​Azov. Therefore, Russia must guarantee the freedom of navigation through the Kerch Strait and the Sea of ​​Azov.

The resolution calls on the EU and its member states to impose targeted sanctions against Russia if the Ukrainian military are not released and if further military escalation occurs.

Finally, MEPs strongly condemn the growing number of physical attacks on civil rights activists and journalists, and violence against members of the Roma and LGBTI communities. They also demand that the Russian Federation immediately and unconditionally release the winner of the Sakharov Prize in 2018, Oleg Sentsov and all other illegally detained citizens of Ukraine.


European Parliament Rapporteur Michael Galer (Germany) said: “Ukraine is making good progress in implementing reforms in connection with the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU. However, citizens are still not achieving a significant improvement in living conditions. The fight against corruption should be more decisive. The goal of the European course – the best remedy against destabilizing actions of Russia “.

Information taken from: https://strana.ua/news/176512-chto-hovoritsja-v-rezoljutsii-evroparlamenta-po-ukraine.html