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The assistant people’s deputy from “Freedom” was acquitted in the case of bribing a military prosecutor

For assistance in closing the case, the accused offered $ 3,000.
The assistant to the people’s deputy from the Svoboda party Igor Shvayka Artyom Zaik was acquitted of the charges of bribing the prosecutor of the military prosecutor’s office of the Lugansk garrison. This edition of 368.media found out from the verdict of the Slavic court of the Donetsk region.
In 2016, the assistant people’s deputy Artem Zaika came to the prosecutor as the chairman of the organization of the Lugansk region from the Svoboda party and tried to agree on closing the case against a fellow party member. The latter was a soldier and was suspected of robbery in collusion with a group of people at the Ukr-Veresk bakery.
The attackers threatened to kill with weapons, and also violated the working order of the enterprise, which caused major damage. The suspect avoided the investigation and was wanted.
The prosecutor explained that he was trying to find out the location of the suspect from Zaika, and recorded the conversation with him on the telephone. For assistance in closing the case, the accused offered $ 3,000.
The man, whose business should have been closed, said that in 2014 he joined the Aydar battalion and during the service he had conflicts with the police. The soldier asked the accused to go and report on the readiness to testify to the military prosecutor’s office without police officers. The witness stated that he did not agree on the unlawful closure of the case and the transfer of funds. He was not summoned to the court to consider the case, where he does not know where his case is.
The deputy aide did not admit guilt and refused to testify. A letter from the Volunteers Legion of Freedom charitable organization dated April 20, 2016 addressed to the military prosecutor of the Luhansk garrison was seized from the trunk of his car. According to the preliminary agreement, they transfer financial assistance for arranging the premises of the military prosecutor’s office of the Lugansk garrison, purchasing the necessary office equipment and office equipment, as well as for the current repair of the rolling stock of the unit in the amount of 3 thousand dollars. The letter was signed by the chairman of the Volunteer Legion of Freedom, Artem Zaika.
However, the court found violations of investigative jurisdiction and declared inadmissible all the evidence obtained, except for the testimony of witnesses at the court hearing. The court also noted that the date of the decision was inscribed with a ballpoint pen, the signature of the Chief Military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios put a ballpoint pen. In addition, both pens and handwriting are different. At the same time, information about the resolution of Matios was not entered into ERDR. In this regard, the court decided that such a ruling did not really exist, and the local prosecutor had unlawfully taken over the investigation before the transfer of funds.
The court did not accept the audio record of the prosecutor as evidence and acquitted the assistant deputy for the lack of evidence of guilt in committing the crime.

Information taken from: https://368.media/2019/08/01/pomoshhnika-nardepa-ot-svobody-opravdali-po-delu-o-podkupe-voennogo-prokurora/