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The court fined 25 thousand village head, who received 280,000 bribe for land allocation

The court fined 25.5 thousand UAH. former Village Head. Gai Shevchenko Ternopil region Ternopil region Svetlana Lyutynets, who received a bribe in the form of charitable contributions consumer cooperative in the amount of 280 thousand UAH. the allocation of land. This is evidenced by the Ternopil City Court judgment of 16 December.
In the summer of 2015 to the village head Lyutynets a person who wanted to get free in ownership of the land area of ​​0.1 hectares in area, Shevchenko Grove village council for the construction of individual houses and commercial buildings.
Lyutynets said that could affect the deputies of the village council to its decision are identified land and offered for such effects to give it undue benefit of $ 12 thousand.
How to set a consequence, the chairman of the village feared that it might expose law enforcement, and therefore asked to provide funds under the guise of charitable donation to the account of the consumer cooperative “HBC” Victoria Groves-Shevchenko. ”
September 1, 2015 Lyutynets received simulation receipt “Savings Bank”, according to which the cooperative was transferred funds totaling 280 thousand USD. Then the person who would receive the land fictitiously joined the “HBC” Victoria Groves-Shevchenko “, and received from the head of the village transcript of the decision Gai-Shevchenko village council, which deputies did not take, to grant him a member of the cooperative permission to the drafting of land on land allocation. The same day, police detained Lyutynets.
Former village head fully admitted his guilt. The Court has described its action as a complete attempt to obtain undue benefits to third parties for influence over the decision by a person authorized to perform state functions, as well as the preparation and delivery of an official of false official documents, and appointed her a sentence of a fine of 25.5 thousand USD.
Svetlana Lyutynets held the position of village head with. Shevchenko Grove from 2002 to 2015.

The information was taken from: http://nashigroshi.org/2017/01/20/sud-oshtrafuvav-na-25-tysyach-silsku-holovu-yaka-otrymala-280-tysyach-habara-za-vydilennya-zemli/