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What became clear after the murder Sheremeta

In this Tuesday, September 20 marks exactly two months since the explosion of the car “Subaru” by Pavel Sheremet in the center of Kiev. The authorities insist they are doing everything possible to investigate resonant crimes – the best experts search case, recalled from retirement and even the FBI.
Meanwhile, in a public field appears at least information about the case. Law enforcers and authorities are clearly talking about it very sparingly and reluctantly.
“In the morning we been heard new details I can not say that there is a major breakthrough Of course, there is a huge chore that we do I am categorically opposed to disclose details of the investigation, whoever it was -… Or the GPU or someone . This is another harm the investigation “, – said two days ago, the head of the National police Khatia Dekanoidze.

What became clear after the murder Sheremeta
1. At first, the investigation was disoriented
Undermining machines Sheremet took place in a very unfavorable moment. As a result of lustration and re-certification there was a shortage of professional investigators and operatives, which could qualitatively examine the scene of the police, to fix traces of the crime, to isolate the relevant witnesses and effectively interrogate them finally make a competent plan for further investigation, which is based any more or less difficult. Even pro-government policy is recognized. As said a retired police general and the current governor of the Transcarpathian region Gennady Moskal, “Khatia Dekanoidze saw criminals except that in the movie” The venue can not be changed, “and hardly capable of organizing an investigation at the appropriate level.
Blatant lack of professionalism by the fact that a few days later at the scene working experts, after a shower of rain, hundreds of pedestrians and drive a lot of cars. Complete disregard for the investigation at first demonstrated and Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, who does not even deigned to interrupt his vacation and come to Kiev. Even the Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko admitted that an investigation is necessary to connect the old professionals and spoke about the return of the police better rozysknika MIA – a retired general Basil Pascali, who earlier in disgrace expelled under pressure, “activists and the general public” as a “frame of Donetsk Yanukovych.”
2. investigators wound “mole”
When the investigation is more or less shake and went ahead there was another problem that has been in law enforcement always, but has never manifested itself so clearly. No sooner had operatives remove terabytes of records of street cameras and create inspection reports useful videos to isolate the desired frames is specially crafted movie – strictly confidential – appeared at the disposal of the journalists.
On the one hand, pleased that we have got so Investigative Journalists strap that they take out a flash video – even before it was distributed to Kiev rozysknikov. On the other – it is sad that the “moles” poured critical information even before it was implemented, thereby allowing criminals to the full alignment of the steps of the investigation, aimed at their detention. Then drain manifested blatant lack of coordination between the Interior Ministry and Prosecutor’s Office.
Advisor to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ivan Varchenko said that the video allegedly specially handed reporters that more people watched it and were able to identify the killers. A Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko contrary indignant and promised to expel the shame of law enforcement people who leaked the secret information.
Because of such inconsistencies in the statements of an external observer might conclude that video deliberately “merged” with the police of their leadership knowledge.
But who is it that the “drain” made really an internal investigation and has not established for one simple reason – the number of people who have access to the materials of the investigation, so extended that even just a polygraph test can take several months, what the investigators could not afford. After the investigation team would demotivate and bled white at this time.
3. The killing was carried out by professional killers
In the video, which appeared due to the “moles” in open access, it became clear that the preparation and implementation of the crime was carried out by professionals at a high technical level. Judging from the video – a man and a woman, who with the rules of conspiracy divided. and preparatory activities have been carried out. As recalled familiar Sheremet, a place where usually parked car “Subaru”, it was occupied by some suspicious Busik. That after the parking “Subaru” immediately left. The bomb bore a woman in the bag, as it would arouse less suspicion than a man.
In due time, the woman brought the package to the court Sheremet, where its insured man. Killer male as applied conspiracy – pretending drunk idly shaky citizen. Clamps directly explosives near the driver’s seat “Subaru” is the woman near the driver’s seat at the bottom after her in one motion carefully rubbed the bottom of the car to the dust has not prevented the Magnet and the couple immediately retreated. In the videos you can see the outlines of the killers, but you can not see the lines on their faces. This behavior killers indicates knowledge of the case, “people’s avengers,” do not behave.
4. Kill wanted it Sheremeta
In the first days after the murder thoroughly exaggerated version of the bomb was not meant Pavel Sheremet and his civilian wife – co-owner of “Ukrainian Truth” Alyona Prytula. This is indirectly indicated that the car “Subaru” is owned Prytula. Moreover, Sheremet and his common-law wife friends say that for journalists since the beginning of spring was conducted under surveillance. Because of this, Alena Prytula did not answer calls from unknown numbers. This fact rejects the version that planned to blow up Pritula at all – in fact for such a long period could learn the daily routine and habits so that you can work out the killing in an automatic mode.
If the killers were involved in this surveillance mean, they must have seen that the car is not got the object and the crime would be delayed in time. Since this did not happen, probably still a bomb just meant it was Pavel Sheremet. Especially since he every day traveled along this route on the same machine.
5. Save the journalist was impossible
At first, if the rumors were dispersed “ambulance” arrived too late, passersby loitering and helped liberate the victim was still alive and Pavel Sheremet from the burning car. As the bomb technicians, even a few hundred grams of TNT able to smash open space rails.
In the case of the murder of Sheremet, according to preliminary estimates of explosives it was not less than 400 grams, besides the explosion was directed, concentrated on the driver’s seat. On condition of anonymity, doctors working in the field of disaster medicine, they say that the chances of survival after such an explosion was not a journalist even if he was on duty near the helicopter sanaviatsii. After injuries after detonation infernal machines were incompatible with life.

The information was taken from the following sources: strana.uavesti-ukr.com, espreso.tv