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"Central Anticorruption Committee"

When will SBU officers transplant each other?

The security service has decided to revive the almost dead article of provocation of the bribe. The object of the test was NABOO.

Well, we can only congratulate the law enforcement heat of Service. They are doing the necessary. I have hope that they have enough evidence to prove that detective NABS forced officials to bribe, and not Vice versa.

Confused in this situation only one thing. If the Service is so degenerated, that already took up such stories, there is a very real threat that the ranks of the security service will start to thin out. The fact that one of the chips of this body is not a provocation of a bribe, and worse – stupid toss the money.
Not to be unfounded, we took to illustrate a few sentences from the court’s Registry this fall.

The story of the first. October 2017

Volodin Sergei Nikolaevich, senior investigator from Krasnograd RO gumvd of Ukraine in the Kharkov area. Justified Krasnogradsky district court verdict of October 17.The result: it demanded $1,100 bribe from the driver for the closure of criminal proceedings for hitting a car on a minor child.
The defendant: during the meeting with the driver of the unknown person pulled him from the car and handcuffed. What happened in the car all this time, it is unknown. Later it was raised and showed the money that was allegedly in the car. After that, the SBU has covered the hands with a lamp, but no trace was found.

The court acquitted given the following evidence:
Witness – the head of Krasnograd with the RO stated that the employees of the SBU was a provocation of bribery. According to him, evidenced by their subsequent actions, because on the second day after the events it received an order from the Prosecutor’s office of the district to return the driver to his car, which was done, namely the criminal proceedings on the fact of the accident was transmitted to the Prosecutor and not returned.

He told the briber that 16.04.2015 in the morning, SBU gave him $ 300. were instructed to provoke the investigator to receive this amount, and when the latter refused, on the evening of the same day, handed him $ 1100., who noticed paint. Then he put the money in salon of the car of the investigator, after which the latter immediately arrested.

The prosecution had not provided any procedural document, which would confirm the fact of attempt of transfer of a bribe-giver in the morning 16.04.2015 $ 300.

History of the second. October 2017

Walecki Yuriy Nikolayevich – the chief physician of the Volyn regional territorial medical antituberculous Association. Justified. Threatened from 5 till 10 years with confiscation.

Result: in January 2016, took a bribe of $500 from a woman (OSOBA_3 ) for its device for the position of nurses. The money she placed in a folder, but after she left, the doctor transferred funds.

The defendant: didn’t see the woman tossed him into folder money. Says that the funds in hand did not take. Tells of provocation. This woman is familiar with the employee of management of SB of Ukraine in the Volyn region OSOBA_13, maintained a relationship with him.

The court: Acquitted for lack of evidence.
Without the intervention of law enforcement bodies of the so-called “transfer” of funds would not take place. Intentions OSOBA_3 work had, this is evidenced by her behavior about dismissal in a month.
The witness: the declarant praised, in management of SBU in the Volyn region she is familiar OSOBA_13, which will help with employment, and if necessary even help you earn money.
Expert – spacecoin in the hands of the accused is not detected.

Disk and the Protocol on the video from the doctor’s office do not match the Protocol – the doctor opens the folder where the claimant deposits money; the video shows only that the folder is on the table at the left hand of the doctor.

The third story. September 2017

Nalivajko Alla Nikolaevna, inspector of the customs post “Ustyluh” Volyn customs DFS. The kharpol Irina, inspector of the customs post “Ustyluh” Volyn customs
In may 2015 I got a bribe for lowering the level of customs cost of the goods. In two episodes – $1000 and $1500.
Justified in relation to lack of evidence:

  • the briber could not provide any information about the vehicle (color, license plate number, who is its owner), which transported the cargo, as documents on the consignment subject to customs clearance;
    confusion, where wrote the application for extortion at it a bribe in luck or in Kiev. In response to
  • the queries indicated that he never spoke with any of the statements of the SBU in the Volyn region or SBU in Kiev;
  • the confusion in his testimony regarding the exact amount of money, which he allegedly handed over to the customs officers. The named amount is also not correspond to those he noted in a signed statement of offence;
  • the Prosecutor has not provided the court the originals of the audio recordings obtained during carrying out quickly-search actions, which are alleged to have grounds for suspicion and accusations of bribery. The court granted the phonograms are signs of mounting, and since the originals there, and to check them is impossible;
  • it is unknown when and under what circumstances was transferred to cash habaraduwa for transmission to customs, and they were transferred at all. The witness confirmed that in the preparation of the relevant Protocol the briber was absent;
  • two bills for $ 100, whose numbers coincide with those in the Protocol, it was found during a search in apartment of one of the customs officers (among the towels in the closet in the hallway).

During the butt the SBU independently and uncontrollably move around the apartment, examined and seized property, documents and other things without the participation of witnesses, which could not physically be present in those parts of the premises where a search was conducted.

During a search in the office was removed from litter bins 1500 dollars with serial numbers that match those that were issued habaraduwa. The defendant stated that during the search, where it was found the funds in the study had attended a few hours later he was brought into the room, where he revealed the means. Before that he played in her examination, and no signs of a special substance, which was marked money in his hands was found.

The court No reason to suspect any of the accused in any crime, including corruption, law enforcement bodies was not. Given the conflicting evidence obtained in violation of the do not correspond to actual circumstances of the case.

To summarize. If the security Service is interested, you can give her a complete collection of similar sentences. We all know a new country, cleaning, etc. And strongly endorse. My only request is to be cleansed very quickly. Because it may happen that at some point in the Service not officers enough, and then there will be someone to save the country from external threats.

Information taken from: http://nashigroshi.org/2017/11/30/koly-ofitsery-sbu-peresadyat-odne-odnoho/