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"Central Anticorruption Committee"

Corruption in Ukraine: who is to blame and what to do (part 2)

What conclusions follow from these theses in the annex to today’s Ukraine? It is necessary to stop the operetta struggle against corruption by police methods, stop allocating huge budget funds, often borrowed, for the implementation of the chimera. 90% of this money will be stolen by corrupt officials, and “struggle” will be reduced to massacre with political opponents “from above” and to the appointment of “bottom-shifters”. Instead, focus on judicial and administrative reforms. We, as the air, need an independent court, the selectivity and responsibility of judges, the abolition of their lifetime appointment, and the introduction of the jury trial rule. In the administrative sphere, maximum efforts should be directed to the universal and comprehensive implementation of electronic document management, the automation of administrative services, deregulation, the liquidation of a huge number of duplicating offices, departments, inspections and inspection bodies. The main idea of ​​this reform is the maximum reduction in the number of clerks-officials (we can say, their elimination as a class) due to the creation of an extensive system of electronic administration, the receipt, transfer and storage of official information.

However, as it was mentioned earlier, all these measures will not be effective until the political culture of the population changes. And what does “change” mean in this case?

Here comes to mind a publicistic story biblical story about the Jewish people, led along the sands of the Sinai desert by Moses for forty years with the goal of waiting for the departure from the life of everyone who remembers Egyptian slavery. Of course, the historical fate of Ukraine is different (no matter how much the propagandists try to justify the alleged similarity). And the technology of impact on human consciousness has since made tremendous progress. But even if the Ukrainians had their own “Moses”, although individual, even collective, it would still take many years to change the political culture of the masses. So many years in reserve Ukraine already no longer exists! Time given to self-proclaimed “elites” by history is ineptly lost. There is no “Moses”, as there is no “promised land”, which turned out to be just another myth about the bright European future. But there is an aimless wandering in the desert, in which manna has already ended. The country has almost fallen into a coma, and therapeutic treatment here will not help. Therefore, we are now facing a fork in the road: irreversible degradation, turning into a European Bantustan of the 21st century or dictatorship, which will quickly and painfully carry out a radical reorganization of the state. The revolution in these conditions is impossible, because the situation is the opposite of the classical revolutionary prerequisites – the tops of the revolution do not want, and the lower classes can not implement it. However, dictatorial methods are unlikely to change anything, since it is clear that any coup will mean a “hot” war with Russia. A wearisome war and effective reforms are incompatible things. But anyway, the problem of corruption, so important for today’s socio-political agenda, will soon fall into the background. The problem of survival will come to the fore. But this is a completely different story.

Information taken from: https://blogs.korrespondent.net/blog/events/3931797/