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Public organization
"Central Anticorruption Committee"

Poroshenko has opened a second front. Why power attack Western-oriented structure

Шабунин стал главным объектом атаки

For the yet, optimists and NABOO the Beginning of the current week was marked by a frontal attack on the authorities associated with Western organizations in Ukraine.

First, in the near future the suspect may be the head of the Center of counteraction of corruption existing on grants of foreign donors, Vitaly Shabunina.

Secondly, the Prosecutor General’s office started criminal proceedings on the interference in the election campaign in the US National anti-corruption Bureau, the ideologist of creation of which in Ukraine were also structures of the West.

What is behind this attack on “the West wing” dealt “Country”.

Way to split

Relations of the Ukrainian authorities and the West-oriented structures have been heated for a long time.

Western partners at the time, spent a lot of money and effort to create in Ukraine an extensive infrastructure of influence. It included civil society, the media and various activists. This infrastructure has played a major role in the organization of the Maidan, and the coming to power after him the current rulers.

Then, among the recipients of Western grants was split.

Some of them became part of the political landscape, faithfully serving the government, arguing, for example, the West that no infringement of freedom of speech in Ukraine, but there is a merciless fight against corruption and bold reforms.

The other part gradually moved to the opposition, stating that the real fight against corruption is not observed but on the contrary its flourishing under the patronage of the country’s top leadership and many reforms are being implemented with the goal of blurring the eye.

The most prominent representatives of the latter of course became the people’s Deputy Serhiy Leshchenko (together with a group of Euro-optimists) and activist anticorruption Vitaly Shabunin. In line with this same concept acted and the National anti-corruption Bureau – structure, created with the participation and support of the West.

In 2016, the leadership of the NAB, using the auspices of the Western structures, beginning to lead a more independent policy from the two ruling groups – the President’s entourage and the popular front.

All the Ukrainian authorities are much annoyed as ruined their monopoly on delivering to the West a signal of what is happening in Ukraine. Thanks to the Euro-optimists and yet the US and the EU had an alternative channel of information delivery, and extremely negative for the Bank. This destroyed the trust of the West to power in Kiev and it was a constant headache for the President and the leadership of the popular front.

But from time to time, the authorities limited only to the PR-actions, contributing to scandals like the purchase of an apartment Leshchenko. The main reason – serious support given to US Euro-optimists and yet.

However, there was an important caveat – most of the overseas contacts of the latter was tied to the democratic establishment associated with the administration of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

That is why NABU, and optimists are actively involved on the side of Hillary in the election campaign in America.

But in November 2016 sensationally defeated Donald trump. The attitude of the Ukrainian authorities to their “Pro-Western” opponents began to change in the direction of tightening.

It is impossible, however, to say that the NAB, Euro-optimists and yet actually lost foreign support. Im still favors the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine and the EU.

But the environment Poroshenko and beneficiary of the popular front began to hope that the new administration in Washington is unlikely to be as tough as their predecessors, “fit” for Leshchenko, Shabunina and their associates. Especially bearing in mind the role that they played in the American elections (and which the tramp from time to time publicly says).

The result of this “change of concept” has not kept itself waiting.

In the spring of activists who receive grants for the fight against corruption, are obliged to complete a Declaration. For false information, threatening with jail.

Now the same activists are shining a new problem – this time is criminal.

5 years for the emotions

The head of public organization “Center of counteraction of corruption” (CPC) Vitaliy Shabunin Wednesday 16 August handed suspicion. Soon to be held a court for election to it measures of restraint.

However, at the last moment suspicion to soften. If you were originally talking about part 2 of article 345-1 of the Criminal code “Infliction of bodily injuries to journalists during performing their legitimate professional activities.” It is now just about causing bodily harm of medium gravity (in the Prosecutor’s office said that checks whether the victim is actually a journalist).

The organization, headed by Shabunin, said the case is politically motivated.

The story, which now climbs sideways to antikorruptsionera two months ago. June 8, near the Dnieper military registration and enlistment office of the Kiev activist hit blogger Vsevolod Filimonenko for the expense of his questions provocative. According to Filimonenko, aggression Shabunina raised the question of why the activist is not fighting in the ATO.

Shabunin said that I hit the run could not help, because he insulted his Deputy at the CTC Alexander Ustinov.

Filimonenko has described the attack as obstructing his journalistic activities. And easy the basis of his appeal to law enforcement agencies.

At CTC claim that said not inflicted heavy damage Filimonenko and traumatized blogger his companions that the case qualified as heavier paper. CTC also notes that Filimonenko was hospitalized to Kyiv city emergency hospital, which should be delivered to the law after the beating. And the next day he came to another Metropolitan hospital, there to go to the hospital, and spend 21 days.

According to the article, which is charged with Shabunina, to it threatens till 5 years of imprisonment. The activist and his supporters make claims to Filimonenko, except to a journalist. For example, MP Mustafa Nayem on his page in Facebook even started a debate, can we consider a blogger a journalist.

“It would seem an ordinary situation. But in reality it is an indicator of the insanity and absurdity that has reigned in the country, potatoey first persons of the state. The point is that Mr. Filimonenko not a journalist. I don’t think it’s right someone to beat, not sure I would have restrained myself in that situation, but hell, Filimonenko not a journalist,” said Nye.

Another eurooptimism Sergey Leshchenko reported that the Shabunin can become a political prisoner.

“Shebunino sew five years in prison. Well, for the full ensemble Poroshenko was not enough political prisoners. It is clear that the ending of this story will be for the President sad. But every man is the architect of his misfortune. Vitaly, stay behind you the whole country!” – he wrote on his page in Facebook.

It is interesting that the defenders Shabunina actively opposed the Pro-government activists and politicians.

For example, in comments to the post Mustafa came the people’s Deputy from BPP Vladimir Aryev and told me that was showing a video conflict between Shabunina Filimonenko and colleagues in the EU and “the response was unequivocal justification for such action no.”

Recipients of grants from the US equated to the agent of Moscow

That problem Shabunina not an accident but a systematic policy of the government, specifies and revealing story in Rivne, which is also being developed in recent days. Rivne Department of the SBU investigated against local journalists who, in turn, was investigating corruption in the intelligence Agency.

SBU is interested in funding “Agencies of journalistic investigations”, which I suspect the “Russian trace”. However, the problem is that “Agency” is working with the financial support of the governments of the USA and Canada.

But that the secret service did not bother. They say that “numerous cases” that the FSB was working “under the guise of public organizations in Western Europe and the United States.”

So now, theoretically, opposition to the authorities of the recipient of Western grants can begin to totally check out on the subject of collaboration with the “aggressor” with the prospect of criminal cases for treason.

NABU accused of meddling in elections in the United States

In parallel with the story about the criminal case against Shabunina develops another conflict.

The Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine on the statement of the people’s Deputy of Ukraine, member of the “will of the people”, Andriy Derkach opened criminal proceedings on the intervention of NABOO in the campaign in the United States of America in the presidential election last year.

The case is brought in the Unified register of pretrial investigations, read as if written not by the investigator, a journalist or a blogger. It reads: “officials of NABOO made a disclosure of pre-trial investigation by the publication in the media of record fragments “granary books” of the Party of regions the head of the electoral headquarters of the candidate in presidents of the United States Donald trump Paul Manafort. These actions are a disgrace of a person, humiliate his honor and dignity, creating in the society an impression of unlawful interference in election of the President of the United States.”

Because of this unusual style, some observers thought it was a fake (the original information appeared in the media from anonymous sources). But soon its authenticity confirmed Andriy Derkach, who published on FB and my statement, and the answer of Yuri Lutsenko, which refers to the institution of criminal proceedings in this case.

“I believe that his rash actions NABOO caused serious harm to Ukrainian-American relations. Ukraine appeared in the eyes of the US as an unreliable partner. Bilateral contacts at the highest level for some time, was completely blocked, and financial aid significantly reduced,” – wrote the MP.

It is curious that such criminal proceedings only by its very existence gives a “concrete” arguments trump the team, which is now actively spins the thesis of the intervention of Ukraine in the election campaign in the United States.

Unlikely it was done unwittingly. Maybe the authorities really want to develop this theme, to bring under criminal article, not only NABOO (discretionof the Agency in the eyes of Americans), but, for example, Serhiy Leshchenko, given its role in the dissemination of information about the aforementioned “barn book” the Party of Regions.

We will remind, scandal with the “black accounts”, the PR has dealt a serious blow to the election campaign of Donald trump, the headquarters of which was led by political consultant by Paul Manafort.

Leaves “granary books” released by the former first Deputy head of SBU Victor Trepak, and Sergei Leshchenko first showed some bills with a name of Manafort, which allegedly received for their services from the Party of regions is about $ 12 million.

In January of this year, after the victory trump, Politico described how the Ukrainian Embassy and the headquarters of the Hillary Clinton used this information about Manforce in his struggle against his rival.

And in July, the administration trump publicly accused Ukraine of meddling in U.S. elections, stating that all evidence of this well documented. The American President demanded to investigate the facts of the Ukrainian intervention.

And initiated by the Prosecutor General of Ukraine the criminal proceedings in this context the Trump handy.

The attack on the West “the roof”

Respondents “Country” experts say that is no accident these two scandal started in parallel.

“NABOO, Euro-optimists and the so-called anti-corruption party is a tool of Western influence on the processes in Ukraine. Don’t want to be captain obvious, but their interests came into hard conflict with the interests of the Ukrainian power groups,” says “Country,” political expert Andrey Zolotarev.

According to him, if the case against Shabunina will be specified by the activist hard scenario, authorities will have achieved at least the intermediate goal is to punish at least one prominent “antikorruptsionera” to intimidate all the others, showing that Western “roof” no longer guarantee their safety.

This will be an important signal for many activists, journalists and civil society institutions focused on cooperation with the Western structures.

“As far as NABU is a continuation of the struggle for the domestication of this structure. Although by itself, the case raises questions. It is obvious that the NEB will not on its own initiative decided to merge information about Manforce and the Ledger of the Party of Regions. Surely has been given the go-ahead from the presidential administration, which also greatly played up Hillary Clinton. And now the President wants to make the deadline NABOO. Although the logic is clear. For the authorities it is important to discredit NABOO in the eyes of Americans, to deprive Sytnyk and Uhlavou support them, then replace them with other people,” says Zolotarev.

Political analyst Vadim Karasev believes that the Shabunin first goes to the scaffold because its easier just to “get”.

“It is the most accessible activist antikorruptsionera. In contrast to all those who secure parliamentary mandates. But it is a blow not him personally, but on the whole this movement Is an attempt to strangle the movement. Moreover, in these actions I see the full consensus of the ruling elite. All partners in the majority of the PPO and “popular front” for a long time and are working hard to reduce the activity of anticorruption institutions”, – says “Country” Karasev.

As for the case of the Prosecutor General in relation to NABOO, he believes that in this way the administration of the President shifts the responsibility from themselves and the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington on NABOO, hoping to degrade the US attitude to this body.

In turn, a political expert Ruslan Bortnik believes that nikoliv “yet”, in AP expect to justify to Donald trump.

“By and large, and NABOO, and the whole anti-corruption layer – the handiwork of the Democrats, Soros, the liberal American elite. So today, especially given the recent scandal with Korean missiles, the Ukrainian government looks for any way to earn forgiveness trump, maximally punishing the party, which had rallied against him. Moreover, this same crowd to cause trouble Bankova,” – said Bortnik.

But how effective is this tactic?

The Deputy-a mazhoritarshchik from Kiev Viktor Chumak said that the authorities are driving themselves to tsutsvang – when any move would only worsen their situation.

“In politics zugzwang companion of fear, writes a parody of himself on FB. The fear of the inevitable loss and possible retribution makes it impossible to do an adequate analysis of the situation and reasonable steps. So fell the power of Yanukovych in November 13th. It begins to crumble Poroshenko’s government. Inadequate assessment of mood in society, the reformation of law enforcement system to suppress political opposition and economic competitors, absolutely reckless plunder in virtually all sectors of the economy, Stripping the information of the opposition media, idiotic denationalization policy of the opposition, the persecution of social activists is all the steps for this party. For power she had lost. The only question in time.” Information taken from : https://strana.ua/articles/analysis/87274-pochemu-protiv-antikorruptsionerov-byla-razvernuta-vojna-pravookhraniteljami.html