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"Central Anticorruption Committee"


Lutsenko acknowledged the massive pressure of prosecutors on judges

The GPU recognized the massive pressure on judges by law enforcement bodies, which unreasonably open criminal proceedings under Art. 375 of the Criminal Code (Adoption of an unjust decision). This follows from the letter of Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko to the heads of the regional prosecutor’s offices, which was at the disposal of the Judicial..

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Confronting Illiberalism

Key Findings In 2018, Nations in Transit registered the most score declines in the project’s 23-year history: 19 of the 29 countries had declines in their overall Democracy Scores. For the second year in a row, there are more Consolidated Authoritarian Regimes than Consolidated Democracies. Poland recorded the largest category declines and the second-largest Democracy..

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Democratic indicators in Ukraine have fallen for the first time since 2014 – a report to the House of Freedom

On Wednesday 11 April a “The House of Freedom” report was published entitled “Countries in the transition period 2018. Addressing non-liberalism” Freedom House, an international non-governmental organization, notes that in 2018, the largest decline in the execution of democratic processes was recorded over a 23-year history of research on the situation in transition countries. 19..

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Democratic indicators in Ukraine have fallen for the first time since 2014 – Freedom House

On Wednesday 11 April, the international non-governmental organization Freedom House presented a report entitled “Countries in the transition period 2018. Addressing non-liberalism”. The report states that democratic indicators in Ukraine have fallen for the first time since 2014, reports Voice of America. In 2018, the decline in the indicators of democratic processes was recorded throughout..

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“Ukraine has not fulfilled its obligations.” The EU made a devastating statement about the filing of e-declarations by anti-corruption

Ukraine’s inability to cancel e-declaration for anti-corruption is contrary to the European vector of the country. This was stated by European Commissioner Johannes Khan, according to the Facebook representation of the EU in Ukraine. The statement was made in connection with the fact that on April 1 the deadline for the filing of electronic declarations..

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Holodnitsky can arrest Lutsenko, and Lutsenko – HOLODNITSKY

The main fighters against corruption are suspected of corruption, and society does not care. He was not worried. “Ukrainian News” referring to an anonymous from the law enforcement agencies said that Nazar Holodnitsky can detain and arrest, and in the near future. Kholodnitsky is a specialized anti-corruption prosecutor of Ukraine, in other words, the chief..

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